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Physical activity produces endorphins chemicals in the brain that regulate mood, pleasure, and pain. Physical activity has academic benefits as well. Students who were more fit performed better academically.

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The report offers guidelines on how pediatricians can advocate for play to ensure that play is a part of the optimal development for young children. The report points out that our hurried lifestyles, emphasis on academics, and changes in family structure have resulted in a reduction in child-centered play and recess.

School physical education programs offer students the opportunity to not only be physically active today but the opportunity to teach skills and behaviors conducive to maintaining physical activity for a lifetime. Students spend over half of their day in school.

Why Physical Education Is Necessary For Every Student

Physical education should teach them how to integrate physical activity into their day both now and later in life. If not now, when? Recess and physical education are sometimes confused. Eliminating recess is facing opposition from parents, play advocates and, not surprising, children. It appears that the tide is turning and both PE and recess are viewed as essential experiences in a well-rounded education.

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Recess, unlike physical education, represents one of the few unstructured experiences of schooling. Jump to navigation.

Educating the Student Body: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School

Participation in physical activities is crucial for the holistic development of young people to nurture their physical, social and emotional health as well as intellectual side. When children are praised or criticized for their quality of work and intelligence more specifically, they develop a fixed theory of the concept "intelligence".

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Hence, "Intelligence" then becomes something you either have or you work hard to get. This is the concept every child is striving to achieve.

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Consequently, the child's development surrounds around its well-being, which mostly includes only theoretical topics till the age of 15 years as major part of their education. Physical education PE as an important part of overall child education and development has started getting the due importance in the contemporary world. However, earlier it was one of the highly ignored aspects in the context of overall development of a child.

Physical Education In Schools Physical Education Essay

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